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A Halloween Baby with a Supernatural Spirit


Modern Halloween and trick-or-treating (guising) may come from the Autumn Celtic festival of Samhain and is a blending of Pagan and Christian rituals.

Samhain was known as a time when fairies and spirits were said to be active and drawn to humans. And though ancients believed in costuming themselves to hide in plan sight from and avoid the tricks of those other-earthly beings, today’s revellers costume to draw attention to themselves.

Trick or Treat indeed…Halloween fairy, earthly spirit, yes. Congratulations, you have a baby girl! Nothing has ever felt as good as hearing those words and holding my baby daughter in my arms.

I have often wondered, was it fairy mischief or a family spirit of one long gone who caused me to give birth on Halloween, three weeks in advance of my due date? This the first of two ultimate “feel good” days in my life.

The trick: my unborn child flipping into the breach position, breaking my water.

The treat: a magical, unexpected and gorgeous fairy spirit baby. Happy Halloween to me!

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