The Oxford Experience: Adult Summer School

A Lark in London


I pull up to the Ritz London.  A grandame establishment that immediately transports me to an alternate reality, British Gentility.

My first stop is the newly opened Chanel boutique.  The largest of the boutiques worldwide, it is equally museum and temple of fashion. The art and decor are divine.

I know, I know. Yes, long gone are the days when I espoused “NO Chanel for me”.  What can I say? I am intrigued. Karl has stolen my heart and wrapped it in Scottish-made argyle.

I am ensconced long enough to have been champagned and canapéd.

Continuing my theme of access, I breeze up to the counter at Caviar House & Prunier a girl has got to eat and I have very little time before the theater.  Super efficient, fish eggs.

I am about to say something VERY WRONG.  Tennessee Williams should have just KILLED OFF every female character he ever wrote in the first act.  It is excruciating for a modern women to watch the suffering and torment of our sex.

The Sweet Bird of Youth was well acted. I did warm to Kim Cattrall  (of Sex and the City) acting a worn-out, discarded, very lonely woman, hum…

A BIRD IN THE HAND, TWO ON MY PLATE – Breakfast at The Ritz was all quail eggs & Supremes, need I say more…

Royal Day Out at Buckingham Palace is a summer must. A prebooked ticket gains one entry to 18 state rooms in the Palace, the Royal Museum and The Garden.

Coronation exhibition – let’s cut to the chase, I have been in the state rooms, lovely, but what I have not seen up close, albeit behind glass, are the garments, jewels, and accoutrements worn by the royal party for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.

Diamonds the size of quail eggs for the tiara, natural pearls the size of a baby’s tear sewn in the tens of thousands to the Queen’s bodice.  The  hand embroidery painstakingly crafted, onto the most divine silk.

Summerset House for Miles Aldridge photography exhibition, Chanel yet again – Street shots at Moschino -Tats

Liberty of London, known for quintessential English floral prints, is ahead of the retail curve.  The first and second floor Vintage boutique is loaded with designer accessories (Hermes Kelly bag in an exotic skin-70′s era Gucci-maxi dresses)

British mix of floral and stripes – Tea with a friend – Fortnum & Mason.

Sondheim’s take on relational discord in Merrily We Roll Along, is made less painful with toe-tapping, hum-along tunes.

British Museum – Ancient Greece-an extension of my recent adventures in Turkey.

And, still searching for treasure, a trip to Harrods?

A stroll through the Food Hall rewards with Sushi, Turkish Delight and Tea.

And now, time to return to Oxford and my walk of shame across Tom Ford hum. I mean Tom Quad with my ill-gotten goods under each arm.



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