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A Woman of High Tech Ancient Skills


Delphine Lucielle, a native of France, now lives and works in San Francisco. She is one of the bold, audacious and unafraid women artists Suzy interviewed when visiting the Biennale this summer.

Lucielle relies on the same pigments that were used 30,000 years ago by the cave painters of Lascaux, France. Unlike them, she utilizes 21st Century technology to bind the colors to the glass she crafts into stunning pieces of art like Template for Life, her entry at Glasstress at the 55th Venice Art Biennale.

According to Adriano Berengo, founder of Glasstress, “Lucielle’s artwork is visually very distinctive as she paints with glass and stones and hand-weaves glass fibers to create her work. She pioneered the creation of glass sculptural paintings that float on the wall.”


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