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Azerbaijan, to love or not to love?


Love Me, Love Me Not – Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan and its Neighbours – features recent works by 17 artists from Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Georgia and the collective Slavs & Tatars.

The title, according to Aida Mahmudov, Founder of the artists’ group YARAT that produced the show, reflects the “vacillating relationships of Azerbaijan and its neighbors over time, in a way that has informed artists today.” YARAT, by the way, is Azerbaijani for create.

For Curator, Dina Nasser-Khadivi, the exhibition resonates with her experience of the disconnect between a lifetime spent in the Caucasus region and the media presentation of it. She believes that “the art inspired by and originating from this region offers a truthful narrative, based on personal stories & visions of the individual’s experiences.”

With inspiration ranging from carpet weaving to Bruce Lee, from recycling to the changing nature of hope, Love Me, Love Me Not delivers a bold, audacious, unafraid vision of one of the world’s most diverse, culturally rich areas.

You can hear more about those personal stories in Suzy’s interview with three of the artists – Aida Mahmudov, Faig Ahmed and Orkhan Huseynov.

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