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Beautiful, Bold and Unique: Voss Foundation’s African Bazaar


 “I love your necklace! Where did you get it?” is something we all like to hear. This coo of approval is quite common once you’ve shopped the Voss Foundation African Bazaar. All the items are handmade, authentic and will be unique to the woman who wears and uses them.

From Ethiopian scarves to woven baskets and ceramic necklaces, the items are sourced from the regions in which the Foundation works: Kenya, Ethiopia, Liberia, Swaziland, Democratic Republic of Congo and Mali.

The Voss Foundation provides access to clean water in Sub-Saharan Africa. One of the many reasons why we love Voss Foundation is because they focus heavily on bettering the lives of women around the world—that’s pretty bold!

According to UNICEF, women in Africa carry 40 pounds of water on their heads up to ten miles a day to provide for their families. When the Foundation provides access to clean water, women have more time to do other things like caring for their families or getting an education. This is an example of the “Ripple Effect of Clean Water,” an engine for growth and positive impact in Sub-Saharan Africa.

300 million people in Africa don’t have access to safe drinking water. That’s the population of the United States alone. To help change that:

1. If you’re in San Francisco, visit Of Wit & Will Publisher Suzy Kellems Dominik’s art garage October 18 from 2-6 pm for the first-ever Voss Foundation African Bazaar Pop-Up Shop!: more info. All shoppers will get a Bonnie Young-designed tote and a complimentary brow arch from Benefit Cosmetics to use at any US boutique.


2. The Bazaar will be featured at Voss Foundation’s Women Helping Women New York event November 14 at the Dream Downtown. You can still reserve your spot!


3. Make a difference in a woman’s life and shop the Bazaar online. If you see something you like that’s sold out, contact


4. Tired of the same old parties? Host your own African Bazaar trunk show! Invite your girlfriends, serve a few cocktails and have a great time doing good!

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