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How is it possible, as independent bookstores across the U.S. are failing at an alarming rate, that French bookstores are flourishing? Is it because “the most important creator in France is the writer”? Maybe. One thing’s for sure – the French publishers have considerably more prestige than their American counterparts.

Bookstore Guide introduces some of the best bookstores in Paris, including Shakespeare and Company, Abbey Bookshop, Tea & Tattered Pages, San Francisco Book Company, The Red Wheelbarrow and the Village Voice bookshop. Independent bookstores thrive because “Lang law” forbids a discount of more than 5 percent on French-language books.

Where I live in the Bay Area, Book Passage is a great niche store with author readings and writing seminars. Opposite of the coast in New York City, Spoonbill & Sugartown is voted by the Gothamist to have the best feline residents.

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