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How to Make Tiny Candies


Hard to believe that this tiny little piece of candy, was once a big fat roll as soft as plasticine.

But how do Candy Lab make them? By hand. Ask them for anything, they can draw into the sweet mixture. Roll, roll, roll and the big smooth boa becomes a slim tough garter snake. Then cut, cut, cut and you get delicious little pieces.

Our publisher Suzy took a stab at it while in Shanghai, she even brought home the “head” as a trophy! At the end you might want to use you magnifier glasses to read “happy birthday” or see the little panda inside the candy.

Lost in the middle of Taikang Lu market, this little rainbow gem smells like your childhood and makes you smile the whole day.

Thank you to our new friends from candy labs who let us experienced the sweet hand rolling.

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