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How To Pick Meaningful Souvenirs


Souvenir: a thought, a memory, a story. A souvenir is a tangible reminder of a lovely, meaningful time and place in one’s life. It is also a way of giving additional meaning to the money we spend and the items we collect.

I purchase one major item of clothing or jewelry each year while traveling. I plan for this purchase, set aside money and, though I may not know what it will be, I do have a rough idea of where I will be when I buy it. The advance planning is a big part of the fun of planning the trip.

A few of my favorite souvenirs (not all “major”):

- Paris, France: JAR earrings, a blush, Christian Dior fur coat.

- Forte dei Marmi, Italy: Pratesi terry cloth caftan.

- Sitka, Alaska: a fossilized walrus tusk bracelet.

- Istanbul, Turkey: an antique traditional texting costume.

And some day after hearing the stories, of where, how and why, I will pass the souvenirs of my life to my children and, with them, a small piece of myself.

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