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Life Without A Sense of Smell


People who don’t have a sense of smell are anosmics. Their condition – anosmia – is the title and topic of this short documentary by filmmaker Jacob LaMendola.

Anosmia can be congenital or develop as a result of nasal blockage, nerve damage or brain injury. You’ve most likely experienced a mild form of it when your nose is stuffed from a cold. Most of the people interviewed in the documentary lost their sense of smell as a result of accidents or brain tumors that damaged their nerves.

Because smell is closely linked to taste, anosmics report a lack of interest in eating and cooking. “Eating for me became like my world had faded from color to black and white,” a young woman revealed. A male participant said he still tasted ice cream but could no longer distinguish between, say, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Besides eating, anosmia also affects sufferers in other aspects of life. These people can’t form emotional connections to the scent of their loved ones. They can’t detect the smell of season signals or retain scent-related memories. The good news is, the majority of the video’s subjects say that they have got used to living with anosmia.

We suddenly feel very lucky that we can appreciate the thousands of smells in nature and the art of Aftelier edible perfume. Do you?

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