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Perfume That Is Not Only For Sniffing


Your sense of smell is an important part of how you enjoy your food and drink. Thus, edible and potable perfume is becoming the new trend in fine dining. Aftelier, owned by Ms Mandy Aftel of Berkeley, is a store that produces natural scents for this purpose.

Scents from natural extracts are vastly different from artificial fresheners sold inexpensively in markets. According to Ms Aftel, “A natural perfume costs more and disappears quickly, but while it lasts it’s extremely beautiful.”

Aftelier perfumes were first introduced to accent food by Daniel Patterson, the chef and owner name of Coi restaurant in San Francisco. Later the methodology was picked up and used in cocktails by Audrey Saunders, the owner of Manhattan’s cocktail lounge Pegu Club.

Intrigued by this hidden property of perfume? You can satisfy your curiosity by ordering samples here.

Thanks to Patricia Carroll Kellems for researching the material for this post.

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