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Plating: Think Small


Presentation is not everything, but it is much. The way we present an idea, ourselves or the food we eat has a dramatic effect on the overall satisfaction and ultimately the value we place on the experience.

With food, a refined and elegantly plated simple meal can be equal to a gastronomic experience of the highest order. The opposite can unfortunately be true when either too much food or a precious presentation overwhelms an excellent dish.

Afternoon tea, for example, is in fact, very simple fare dressed up with fine linens, a Limoges table service and a glistening teapot. The sandwiches are nothing but air and a bit of cucumber, egg or some deviled spread. But cut small with a bit of precision, they are transformed from a sandwich and a cup of tea into an elegant and precious afternoon meal. (Check out some small food recipes here.)

The takeaway: yes, presentation does matter, but it is not the entire story.

And, if less is more, perhaps those diminutive little cakes that come at the end of the afternoon tea are more than just dessert. They may be tiny love letters to your soul.  A reminder that things are not always as they seem. Often they are so much more.

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