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Screaming Out Loud


“Why do I want to scream? Sometimes it just feels necessary. It is a great way to release stress and express emotions. Usually, there are only three places I feel we can scream freely, without fear of drawing undue attention: at a rock concert, on a roller coaster or underwater.

I have just discovered a new space on the streets of New York City: the I-Scream Truck ( In the same way that the ice-cream trucks of youth provided a welcome break from the heat, the I-Scream Truck promises a release from the stress of everyday adult life. It’s a playground where you can let it all out. Go inside, close the door and scream as much as you like and nobody will call 911. Afterwards, you will feel more relaxed and probably will want to go again next week.

As with all good things, screaming is best indulged in moderation – you don’t want to lose your voice.

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