A Taste of China’s Exotic Cuisine

Shanghai’s Finest: Hairy Crab, Shopping and the Bund


Of Wit & Will Shanghai team hits the streets for some Dim Sum, Need Some (shopping) and Laugh Some…

Accompanied by our crew Alessio, Phillip and the ever-present-and-beyond- tortured-cameraman, Matt (whose earpiece picks up every word out of my mouth and every belly laugh cackle, sure to haunt his dreams for months to come), we hit the sights of Shanghai, both historic and new.

First stop, Dim Sum. One would think our blended East coast- West coast Of Wit & Will team had barely been separated at birth, we got on so famously. We fell upon the traditional cuisine like wolves.

My favorite is the Hairy Crab dim sum. My seat companion on my flight to Shanghai explained that the Hairy Crab season lasts a mere two months. And it is so highly sought after that he has friends living outside of China who fly home each year for the delicacy.

After sating ourselves on pork bao, sweet meat buns washed down with Chinese beer, and for our team leader & Producer, Sophie, a sweet rice wine which closely resembled vinegar, we were off to shop.

Shopping was a mixture of highs and lows, from a plastic tomato with a dirty mouth for Production Assistant Sophia, to a glorious Asian-inspired dress, being altered to perfection as I write, to be worn by Production Manager Aurore to the Elite Model Look World Final on Saturday evening.

Next up, after too much silly goofing around by Hanna (Lead Hair and Make up and Wardrobe Assistant) and Ji (Art Director), a walk along the Bund. The Bund is the raised riverside walk on the Huangpu River, which cuts through Shanghai to divide the city in two.

Walking along the Bund, I am intrigued by the skyline. The skyline of Shanghai is made up of marquee buildings, each fighting for prominence. It’s not unlike attending a formal dress gala or ball, each lady dressed in her finest. What I really want most dear diary is for mathematician to total up the cost of the Shanghai skyline.

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