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Shop Like a Local Twitter Chat with Travel+Leisure


When it comes to fashion, culture, and adventure, nobody knows the tricks of the trade better than Suzy! Travel+Leisure hosted a Twitter Chat to discuss how to shop like a local while traveling, and Suzy served as a panelist along with Chris Benz, Cynthia Vincent, AG Jeans, Tumi, and several others.  Check out Suzy’s advice, as well as some highlights from the chat below:

Q1: If you had a limitless budget, where would be the one city you’d shop and what would you buy?

Venice, Italy — custom-designed fabric hand woven by Bevilacqua on 18th century looms. A signature fabric to swathe myself and my furnishings!

Q2: What destinations will stretch your dollar the furthest when shopping?

Paris flea markets, Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, and closer to home: Chinatown, Japantown, street fairs, & student exhibition sales!



Q3: Have any tips for haggling or scoring a deal?

Buying in bulk! When traveling with friends, pool your purchases & ask for a discount.

Q4: Tell us about one shopping find or triumph from your travels?

A petite Viennese chandelier won at Dorotheum Auction House in Vienna — sconces included! Afterwards I enjoyed a sachertorte!

Q5: Have you ever made any big fashion mistakes when traveling?

Yes, flying away from a scarce or one of a kind object! Once you pass customs, there’s no going back— a carry-on full of regret!


Q6: What’s your all-time favorite shopping street or neighborhood?

The 8th arrondissement of Paris! It’s the style capital of the world for a reason — and now they have TOM FORD!



Q7: Is there something that you bought on your travels that’s become a staple at home?

Yes, my Hermes Collier de Chein pyramid cuff, purchased in the CDG airport. Urban legends are made in airport duty-free boutiques!

Hermes Cuff

Also a Native American beaded/fringed cross-body bag to carry my iPad mini.  There’s nothing more chic when worn on a city street.

Cross body bag

Q8: What’s your favorite go-to store in the world and why?

Lily et Cie— an archive as deep as one’s imagination of priceless (& not) Vintage Couture. A must for ladies & designers alike!

Q9: Any tips for navigating your favorite street market?

Serious business! Plan it; are you looking to fill a hole in your collection or wander? Be flexible, magic is around every corner!

Q10: What’s your go-to resource for finding a one-of-a-kind shop: an app, website, or something else?

RESEARCH! A trusted friend, in the air conversation, online/hard copy style mags, a hotel concierge, Louis Vuitton City Guide

Louis Vuitton City Guide

Q11: Share how to #ShopLikeALocal in three words.

Research, ingenuity, adventure!

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