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Snowboarding: A Thrill the Ladies Can Enjoy



Being categorized as an action sport, snowboarding has always appealed to the thrill-seeking kind. That’s no mystery. We can bob and weave down the powdered West Coast trails of Colorado and Oregon and land jumps in the terrain parks on the East Coast, from New Jersey to Vermont. The mountains give us boarders a certain satisfaction when we get to the bottom (in one piece).

This snow sport has always carried an air of intimidation. The industry has been run by men from the start. It’s hard to be a woman attempting or participating in any activity/sport that is predominantly male. That’s why inspiring women in the snowboarding culture found a solution to combat this obstacle.

They created an open forum to provide encouragement for women who board known as It’s a place where women can share their love for the sport, no judgment passed. The site is the brainchild of Donna Carpenter, the First Lady of snowboarding. Donna is the wife of Jake Carpenter, founder and CEO of Burton Snowboards. As the president of Burton Snowboards, she has been a tremendous leader in the growth of women’s participation in the sport.

Now, women are a refreshing counterpoint to the trails the men once dominated.

Creating a place online which is accessible to the masses, Donna gives women riders everywhere an enjoyable and safe place, free from intimidation. Promoting girl power in a male-dominated world, Donna is a true icon!


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