Sandy Hill: The Woman of Peaks

Sunset With A View


As a Parisian, I would make my way to the Butte de Montmartre to sit on the steps just in front of the Sacre-Coeur to listen to the street musicians and watch the sunset. Overlooking Paris, the view makes me feel like the queen of the world. I am drawn to the middle of the romantic, cheering, happy crowd. Sometimes I take wine, bread and cheese along and make an evening of it – no restaurant I know of can compare.

In the fall, a warm sweater and scarf combined with hot apple cider instead of wine, makes me feel particularly cozy. If and when the cold gets to me, I just walk a few steps around to have my portrait done by one of the artists in Place du Tertre, a timeless area that will transports you to Paris in the 19th century.

Other places in other cities that offer comparable moments:

Greenwich Park in London

Greenwich Park Sunset

Victoria Peak Park in Hong Kong

Sunset Hong Kong island from Victoria Park

San Francisco Coit Tower
Sunset from Coit Tower

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