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Teaching and Practicing Dining Etiquette


Were you told as a child or do you tell your children to not put their elbows on the table? Ever wonder why that became a rule?

Well, mostly this rule is so people don’t knock anything over with their forearms. Also, putting one’s elbows on the table may take up too much space and block the view of people sitting on either side, in a formal dinner setting.

Some rules of etiquette are just common sense, such as not talking with your mouth full or not gesturing with your silverware. But they also extend to knowing which utensil and glass to use (hint: from the outside in). This article offers some useful tips, such as looking into the glass (not over) while drinking or placing the fork and knife on the plate at an angle as a sign of finishing.

So teach your kids before it’s too late, but don’t lose your cool doing it!

Suzy says: Come up with a useful phrase to get their attention, mine is “gorilla.” Works every time and remember what Mary Poppins said, a spoonful of sugar …

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Ingrid Betancourt

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