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The Banana Leaf: India’s Eco-friendly Plate


If you’re looking for the most natural and chemical-free way of eating, get hold of a banana leaf. With ingrained herbal properties that hold incredible nutritional value, the world’s most expensive crockery definitely pales in comparison.

While the banana leaf is a part of the quintessential south Indian dining experience, people in other corners of the country use the banana leaf when they offer meals to the Gods, given the fact that its nature’s purest plate. In a few other parts, the banana leaf is the protagonist at wedding and community meals. Banana leaves also score high on the exotic culinary quotient with the leaf being used as a natural food wrapper for steaming, grilling and baking an array of various kinds of food.

The medicinal values the leaf brings along are incredible. While its diuretic properties cure kidney problems, the ingrained herb reduces swellings and flushes out all the body toxins. Its cooling properties not only soothe the digestive system but also purify the blood and relieve organ engorgement. The leaf itself kills the bacteria and the germs in the food, scoring high on the health and wellness front. To top all of these amazing properties, the leaf is bio-degradable so it serves the environment as well.

This is how it’s done in India. The banana leaf is sprinkled with some water, which is then wiped off using your right hand. A spectacular assortment of curries, lentils, vegetables, rice, rotis, pooris, chutneys, pickles and papadums are served on the leaf. What is done next? Well, you’re just supposed to dig right in and eat with your fingers for the most eclectic dining experience. Once you’re finished the leaf is supposed to be folded with the top half over the bottom half which signifies that you have thoroughly enjoyed your meal.

That, for you, is India’s very own environment-conscious dining experience, absolute fireworks on a leaf!

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