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There’s More To You Than Meets The Eye


Sometimes the trick to getting out of a rut isn’t about where you go but what you do. After all, everyone knows that you can’t run away from yourself no matter how hard you try.

You can, however, change the way you and others see you. With most of your time devoted to your day job – banker, marketer, entrepreneur, mother, wife, doctor – there may be little left. Yet, there hasn’t always been something else calling to you? Well, if not now…

Standup comedy, singing, painting, play writing, dance… All you have to do is step up and seize the moment. Cabarets and comedy clubs have open mic nights. Any number of organizations – churches, schools, fire departments – hold arts and crafts fairs as fund raisers and can provide you with an opportunity to show your work. If you’re a writer, local drama departments have students who can perform a reading of your work.

Prepare your material, by which we mean give it your best shot. Arrange your venue and, most importantly, invite your friends and family. The opportunity to try something different, something new may prove transformative for them as well as you. Note: Be sure to have a videographer or a friend with an iPhone record the event. You never know – you may feel the urge to post your debut on YouTube and attract an even bigger audience?

Look out, America’s Got Talent – here you come! Here are some tips on how to prepare for a first public appearance.

Suzy says: Sometimes you just need to shake things up. Intimidating, yes! Fraught with consequences, yes! Well worth it, yes!

I am midstream and forging, and I am thankful everyday for my newly transformed life. Writer yes! Publisher, yes! Internet entrepreneur!!!

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