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This Year Just Resolve


Resolve is a word thrown around lightly this time of year: I resolve to eat less, drink less and exercise more! We chant this to ourselves hoping that the third, fourth, sixteenth time will be the charm.

This year, I’m not making any resolutions. I’m simply working on my resolve – to do better and to be better. I’m not going to abstain from life or lessen my enjoyment of it. I’m going to ask how much I can give, how much I can be.

The end of this year has seen my city [New York] and our country facing extreme hardship – emotionally, socially and economically. Let us take this time to strengthen our resolve, to focus on being active in our lives and to own our choices. The dictionary defines resolve as, “the firm determination to do something.”

Determination and strength have been desperately needed by our leaders these past few months and I feel we should live by their example – to be aware of our actions’ consequences and of forces beyond our control, to be compassionate to the needs of our families and to strangers and to be resilient in the face of adversity and struggle. Instead of compiling a silly list of resolutions we may or may not break, let us enter the new year simply knowing: knowing we are strong, we are determined and we are capable of making the most out of life.

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