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Traveling Solo With A Sense Of Adventure


Any activity can be fun with good company, but exploring solo offers unexpected riches. Here are a few of the advantages of traveling alone:

Museums are great places to linger, whether you’re examining magnificent Renaissance paintings or musing over the history of African tribes. Buy a visitor’s handbook, rent an audio tour or hire a local tour guide to add to your learning experience. You will return home with new insights and anecdotes to share with those who weren’t with you on the trip.

Another perk is that you can devote all your energy to self-reflection and appreciation. Imagine yourself captivated by the architecture of the Milan Cathedral, lost in Bangkok’s bustling nightlife or overwhelmed by the natural forces at Bay of Fundy. You can channel your thoughts, feelings and artistic capacities into photography and/or a journal. (We bet you’ll take better pictures because you have time to calculate composition and lighting.)

Other suggestions? A meditation session, a pampering massage or a favorite movie in the comfort of your hotel room. And, if you’re feeling lonely, strike up conversations with locals and other travelers who may cross your path. You can always dial friends or family for a quick chat or keep them in your heart by sending exotic postcards.

Asked about her first trip alone at age 74, our contributor Patricia Carroll Kellems replied “Magnifique!” I am planning my next adventure as we speak! Find more tips on this topic at Solo Traveler Blog.

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