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Try a Short, Far-Flung Adventure


It may take you some time to get there, but even a mere 48 hours in your dream locale will be well worth it. You’ll dine out on your audacious adventure for quite some time. An added benefit? No jet lag – there isn’t time for your body to register the change. Here are three suggestions that are worth the trip, no matter what.

Paris, France

With so many flight options, treating yourself to a weekend in Paris – or even a mid-week break – is relatively easy. There are thousands of sites to visit, stores to shop in, restaurants to dine in, but the real star is the city itself. Wander the streets, visit one of the many open air markets, stop for a hot chocolate at Angelina and marvel at the chic Parisians racing past you. At the end of the day, follow our contributor’s path to watch the sun set from Montmartre.

Of Wit & Will in Paris, France

Mustique Island

There was a time, not very long ago, when you needed your own yacht to reach Mustique. It became famous for the elite few who owned the very limited supply of luxury villas, starting with Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret and continuing through contemporary celebrities like Tommy Hilfiger, Mick Jagger and Beyoncé. Now there are connecting flights twice daily from Barbados and three times a week from St. Lucia. It will take you the better part of the day to get there from the East Coast, assuming there are no delays. Once ensconced in your own luxury villa or hotel suite, you can spend your visit comparing the nine pristine beaches, enjoying a massage on your terrace, scuba diving, horseback riding and playing tennis. And a visit to Basil’s Beach Bar is an absolute must.

Mustique Island

The North Pole

Can you imagine what it would be like to literally stand on top of the world? Especially if you made the last five or six miles of the journey on skis? Yes, you can ski the frozen landscape that looks very much as it did when Admiral Robert Peary made his first attempt on reaching the Pole in 1826. The North Pole, unlike the South Pole, is not located on a continent and has no permanent structures. That may explain why only about 1,000 people visit the North Pole each year, compared to the 20,000 who flock to Antarctica.

The ski excursion, including an overnight in specially designed tents, will take you about six days. When you tell your story, it’s very, very unlikely that the listener will say, “oh, the wife and I were there two years ago.”

Ski in the North Pole

Tip from our publisher Suzy: “Keep your adventure to five days or under, and “they” won’t even notice you were gone until you are back!”

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