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Why some people do NOT celebrate NYE


1. Because they can wake up early on January 1st

2. Because they don’t like to pay three times the price of a regular night out

3. Because they are afraid of party novelties

4. Because they are fabulous every day and don’t need an excuse to dress-up and party

5. Because they prefer to work and make big money (babysitting, waiters, music bands etc…)

6. Because they don’t have enough money to pay the babysitter who asks for four times her regular rate

7. Because they are Chinese (and they celebrate it about a month after)

8. Because they don’t have to stress out to find the perfect party

9. Because they know countdowns are never accurate, and they always miss it anyway

10. Because subways are usually free so they can just ride all night long

11. Because they have nobody to kiss at midnight

12. Because they are not born in the same time zone so feel they are cheated on every year

13. Because they don’t want to do what everyone else thinks they are supposed to do

14. Because a year is never exactly 365 days

15. Because they are too afraid to make their New Year’s resolution list

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