Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

No, I Am Not Available

A Few of My Favorite Things



My bright, beautiful, generous children.  Heart & Soul.

My beloved family and friends

My dogs Romeo and Beast.  Yes, after a doomed young prince, the other redeemed,   hmm….

Morning “Dance Parties”, no better way to start the day.

Driving carpool, love a captive audience, don’t you?

Fly fishing, you got it, only for the big ones…

The San Francisco Ballet and Mark Morris Dance Company.  Ice and Fire.

The five day far flung adventure. They will never know you were gone.

See America, one long weekend and small town at a time. A must: girlfriends, carry on, a sense of adventure, humor and an expert on the ground.

Zero to sixty, fast.

Random acts of kindness, zaniness and joy

Pretty pink clouds and unicorns.  A girl has got to dream.



JAR, let it be said, none better. I thank the stars for the wild imagination of Mr.Rosenthal.

Hermes, the bags are only the beginning, though, Jean Paul Gautier is missed!

Made to measure, couture’s lovely little cousin. “Your dress looks like it was sewn onto you”, why thank you, it was.

Red Vines, Fritos, Diet Dr. Pepper, truffles, caviar, Kobe beef and Salmon Bilecart.  Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my…

IPhone and IPad, was there ever a time before?


Suzy Kellems Dominik

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Diary Dearest

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