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I’m not talking about the breaking and entering that ends in handcuffs and a record or turns one into Lindsay Lohan (I still think of her as the adorable sprite in The Parent Trap) but more the sort of wandering in and looking around type. The gray, no-mans-land of a construction site, all studs and framing, or a through-the-barricade walk in at an event, tent set up. I just can’t resist and get some sort of thrill from seeing how it’s done and then admiring the end result.

Nothing raises my spirits like a little B&E. Case in point, The Festival Des Métiers, A Rendezvous With Hermès Craftsmen, held in San Francisco. Could there be any more wondrous thrill than to see the world’s finest luxury purveyor present an event highlighting its otherworldly craftsman and their arts? I think not.

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So…. Day One. In through the barricade I go, a smile and a hello to the workman, dressed for the occasion in head-to-toe Hermès, naturally, as it is my day uniform, my ever-present sunglasses providing deniability of my identity, to admire the erection of the “glass tent” and laying of the carpets. By the by, only Hermès would design a to-die-for print of artisan tools with which to adorn the tent floor carpet.

Day Two. It may be a bit more difficult to walk in today. Exhibits are going up and treasures will be loaded in, in preparation for tomorrow evening’s gala event. Despite this, I walk in, yes, wearing Hermés and shoot the space with my iPhone. Note: there is something very unassuming about an iPhone.
I am quite certain I would not have lasted one minute with a camera.

Day Three. Yes, again wearing Hermès, in through the barricade I walk. This visit though requires more commitment than I may have, but what’s the worst that can happen? I could be told “you may not come in,” not so bad. So, I stand tall, shake a hand with a look-him-in-the-eye-I-am-Someone-sort-of attitude and I am in! I stay only a moment, enough time to see that Hermès is truly the undisputed king of luxury goods.

The work areas are set and ready for the evening’s demonstrations – the legendary silk screening machine, the stations for bag construction, the watch works, a button sewingdemonstration table (with a perfect leather Hermès thimble) and a circular sewing machine for masterfully crafted arm hole construction.II have seen. I leave to dress. Yes, I am invited to the evening’s festivities, expected even and looked for! And I know from my reconnaissance, my little thrill, what I have always known – Hermès is Divine, a conductor of the soul and a messenger of the Gods.






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