Diary Dearest

Don’t Let A Boor Ruin Your Holiday


Scarlett letting a second cousin twice removed on your mother’s, brother’s, wife’s, cousin’s, husband’s side of the family ruin your holiday meal with their boorish, know-it-all, creepy attitudes and conversation.

Take a deep breath, an extra helping of his wife’s “delicious”  fruitcake and wish him a Happy Holiday.  All this done while finding a seat at the opposite end of the table. Or better yet, taking the opportunity to sit and talk with a cherished older family member, “look, there is my great aunt Sophie, excuse me”.  Another exit –  the kid’s table, it is always a festive and viable option to the adult table!

Finally, find your mother and give her an extra little hug and kiss, she has been dealing with the extended family for longer than you can know.

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Diary Dearest

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