Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

Bend Down and Touch Me

From Jackson to Paris


Diary Dearest,

I am often struck that we live at a time in history, where, with technology, travel to a parallel universe is possible. That with a little inclination and inspiration, it is possible to completely alter one’s landscape, activities and reality in a matter of hours. Shockingly, happily, two worlds existing at once and me having a toe in each. Lucky me.

On Saturday I was in Jackson Wyoming, of Wit & Will’s official winter home, and on Monday morning I awakened in Paris, France (as opposed to Paris, Texas). Thank you Delta Airlines.
Suzy is wearing Moncler Gamme Rouge puffy, made of Gazar with ostrich feathersPhoto by Suzy Kellems Dominik, Of Wit & Will

What grabs my imagination is that I can attend a Shriner’s charity Skijoring event (if you’re not familiar with Skijoring) and then by merely closing my eyes (and boarding a jumbo jet), I can touch down in the City of Light.

That it is snowing in both places makes my parallel universe analogy more plausible, even mind blowing. Other than me in a fabulous winter coat – Moncler Gamme Rouge puffy, made of Gazar with ostrich feathers – there is no other obvious connection between the two worlds.

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Diary Dearest

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