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Diary Dearest

Happy New Year 2013!

If Not Now, Then When?


I have a motto, one I believe in, am committed to and, most importantly, want to impart to others: If Not Now, Then When?

I have arranged my thoughts something like this: if you do not seek to make the most of your life and the opportunities the world presents, then only YOU lose. I am not talking about hurtful or morally ambiguous actions. More like, if all of your obligations are covered and you find yourself with five days and have the air miles, why not? Walk the Avenues of Paris, tour Gaudi’s works in Barcelona, hike a smidgeon of the Appalachian Trail, whatever your heart desires.

With travel, you may be limited to two or three days in your dream local. Good for you, you have arrived! Tamer and less ambitious ideas include: taking a walk (with a friend), a class (sewing, computer language, etc.), buying new under garments (please, out with the old), tasting a despised childhood food (your palate may have evolved), apologizing to someone you have hurt (I know, easier said than done). My favorite: say “good day” to the older people you pass in your daily wanderings (you may be the only person they speak with that day).

Obviously, spending money may be a component of this mindset, but time, energy, curiosity, a sense of adventure and wild imagination are in equal parts essential. In essence, WE are all going to be dead very soon. (Although I am shooting for 100…)

Seize the moment. Do something, anything. You only have one shot at life – that is unless you believe in reincarnation. If not now, then when?

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