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Interview with Elite Model Look Finalist from the USA


An American Beauty

For all of you parents out there who wonder if any good will ever come of your daughters’ infatuation with Justin Bieber, I have good news. He could – inadvertently, I admit – become instrumental in setting her on the path to fame and fortune.

That’s what happened to Carson, America’s contestant in the Elite Model Look World Final. I had the delightful experience of interviewing Carson and her parents recently, and when I asked her how she was discovered she said, “At a Justin Bieber concert.”

Carson, 16, hails from Tehachapi, a small town southeast of Bakersfield, California. According to her parents, she’s always loved the spotlight and this is just a dream come true. They will be thrilled if she makes it into the top 15, but I suspect Carson aspires to more than that.

She is as smart, engaging and conscientious as she is beautiful. When I asked her how she felt her life would change if she won the competition, she said she felt she would remain the same. But she figures she’d probably have to be home schooled to keep up with all her homework.

She is hoping her manager can make good on the promise that she’ll meet Justin Bieber in six months. All I can say is, if that happens, lucky Justin.

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Diary Dearest

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