Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

Suzy's Couture Workshop at Elite Model Look

Lucky Contestants Chosen for Suzy’s Couture Photo Shoot


Dearest Diary,

I am in awe of the girls. They are saucer-eyed with my vintage couture collection, my closet; I brought it to Shanghai for the workshop and photo shoot!

We unpacked, as directed from a bound document created during packing by our very own dear Wardrobe Master. How in the world will we ever repack?!

Once our beauties were hanging it was time to match the 14 young models to the looks for the photo shoot to take place on Tuesday, at the South River Art Gallery. The girls will be in excellent hands as they are to be photographed by former model-turned world class fashion photographer, Bojana Tatarska.

Elite Model International has chosen well! I am amazed by the number of girls seen worldwide, 350,000 in the search for the Elite Model Look winner. The aspiring models are fresh, 14 to 21. How could they be anything else? They are bright, curious and driven.

The fourteen for the photo shoot, chosen at random, are:



Manuela, Switzerland; Ma, China; Telma, Mozambique; Majse, Denmark; Josefine, Sweden; Veronica, Angola; Evelina, Ukraine; Marilhéa, France; Silvia, Slovakia; Han, China; Adela, Czech Republic; Amparo, Spain; Juliette, Indonesia

Today is also my workshop, a “Course in Fashion”! I will share my love of fashion and its context in broader culture sense along with art, music and literature. I’ll help the girls to find an inner fierce, fashion muse. I have not seen my eight Elite China models in person just yet for the workshop, but I have paired them for photos through the decades – 1920s through Sarah Burton’s first collection for Alexander McQueen.

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Diary Dearest

Suzy Goes To Shanghai

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