Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

When a Good Friendship Goes Bad

Mending a Broken Heart



Heartbroken, disillusioned and overwhelmed, the trifecta… My advice, GO WITH IT! 

Take to your bed. Don a bed jacket, yes, pink satin if you have it (a Mother’s Day gift, please). Set up shop: a tray with books, magazines, pen and paper, iPad and Netflix for your favorite classics, fragrant flowers, a face mask, water or tea and such. Taking to one’s bed requires planning and quick thinking; be prepared and keep your wits about you.

Feel very sorry for yourself. Cry on your own shoulder, share the sage advice you so readily give to others. Oh yes, and try to take it!

Wallow in your circumstances, accompanied by your “sad song.” We all have one, a song probably from the first heartbreak of youth that can still make you cry. This must not be confused with your “angry anthem,” which should be played only when you have decided to recover.

Eat your feelings. Food has no calories once you have taken to your bed. Be honest with your desires, seize the day, for you only have one. I enjoy an audacious, stunningly outrageous mix of sweet and savory. 

Tissues and your sense of humor. Like your passport, never leave home without them. For that matter, take your passport to bed, it may give you hope and can spark your imagination and will to survive.

Several “me” hours later, it is time to emerge. YOU HAVE TO GET UP!!! Like the Grand Dames of fiction, it is time to pick up the mantle of responsibility, to pick children up from school and to support and lead those you love. Wash your face, apply mascara and lip gloss and get on with it, for there is no other way.

Importantly, tell no one. This is our secret!!! With a slight smile and an inward nod, acknowledge you have cared for yourself as only you could. Be grateful…

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Diary Dearest

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