Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

Elite Model Look 2012 Couture & Culture Correspondent

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Dear Diary, among the giddy, glamorous fashion moments I have been lucky to have more intimate model moments.

Last evening I spoke with the contestant from Cameroon named Jeanne. She had just come in from a chaperoned Temple tour and souvenir shopping. She took my hello, and after sharing her souvenirs for herself and family, she took the opportunity to practice her English.

She informed me that she must learn English if she is to pursue her dream to become a model. I was stunned as her English was already becoming quite good after only three months of intense “disciplined” work. It is easy to forget that many of the contestants come from cultures and life circumstance beyond our true understandings.

The way forward for this sweet, driven young model is the Elite Model Look competition.  We hope to see her strutting the runways soon in Milan, Paris and the US.

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Diary Dearest

From a little dream to Shanghai... AMAZING!

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