Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

Runway: Slick as Ice. Models: Tough as Ice

Moments Before the Elite Model Look World Final 2012


Dearest Diary,

The end is near. Tonight the Elite Model Look of 2012 will be selected! The air is practically vibrating with anticipation. The girls along with Jessie J and Bob Sinclar are rehearsing while my crew and I are backstage. Last minute mentoring, interviews, hugs and kisses, words of inspiration and a general calming of fears (ours not theirs).

The 65 finalists have been chosen well. Bright, curious and driven, they are ready to grab for the brass ring. Tonight during the show, 15 will be singled out as finalist. The other 45 will continue as back up during the shows extravaganza musical numbers and will have to redouble their determination.



We have been with these girls from the beginning of this finale, and we will be with them through the end. For some, it will be the beginning of a career; for others the completion of a life altering experience…

Dearest Diary, I have to go for hair and makeup. Catch up with you later to report on the magical evening.

Kiss kiss.

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Diary Dearest

Winners of Elite Model Look World Final Announced!

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