Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

Mirror, Mirror

My Debut: A Course in Fashion


Dearest Diary,

My eight Elite Shanghai models are more beautiful, interesting and bigger than life in person. I am so lucky –  thank you Elite! We fit the girls to their selected looks with the pumping music of the dance rehearsals coursing through our souls. Diary, you know I LOVE a dance party… So when Elite’s own Nick Tacchi took my hand and led me toward the stage, only one thing could happen. .. I joined the 70 young models in a choreographed dance to Gangnam Style.  When life happens… Throw your head back, laugh and go big.

Back to work. Time to set the stage for the Course in Fashion on couture & culture.  We will feature eight live Elite models (below), ten mannequins and a gorgeous and inspiring video created by my unbelievably talented team at STC Associates.  A number of run-throughs and the girls, the agents, the supermodel mentors (the beautiful Ming Xi, Michaela Kocianova, and Noemie Lenoir), Michaela Goddard-Quesada and top Elite management have arrived and we are ready to begin.

When the first piece from my little (ha!) closet floated down the runway – an F. Scott Fitzgerald heroine come to life in a 1920′s gold lace Noname (will explain below) sheath – I caught my breath. All of this was happening – the models, the hair and make up by the lovely Colin Yeo, the lights and the music – because of my love of fashion and my desire to share with the aspiring models a better understanding of what they wear and why they wear it. All to help them find and channel their inner fashion muse.



NONAME:  Is a term introduced to my vocabulary by my BFF, Amanda Miller. The term simply means a garment with no label and no official designer.  Used in a sentence: Who designed your to-die-for, gorgeous, ivory-beaded, strong-shouldered, slim sheath?  Noname.

After many looks, tips like “Always alter your garments. Use a great tailor or a friend with a sewing machine if you don’t sew,” an informative presentation by designer Ralph Rucci‘s long time right hand Samantha Storto, Elite agent Michael Angelo, one requisite “Mom had a moment”, and the in-the-know words and advice from supermodel mentors Ming Xi, Michaela Kocianova, and Noemie Lenoir, my workshop came to a close.

There are no words to describe the giddy joy and pride I feel in this job well done…

But that’s not all dear diary, my fantasy fashion day just kept getting better. Is that even possible? I interviewed two of the Super Model Mentors, was filmed by multiple crews (who knew you could attach 3 microphone battery packs to the belt of my Christian Dior leather top?), interviewed by journalists from Mozambique and Angola, and, for the cherry on top, interviewed by Elite Models’ own Julie Murato for their blog and photographed by Emmanuel Giraud.

So as I always say, one is only limited by one’s imagination. And my favorite new phrase is, I had a little dream that has changed my life…


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Diary Dearest

Suzy's Couture Workshop at Elite Model Look

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