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Diary Dearest

7 Deadly Sins: Envy

My Fairy Godmother, Kathy Griffin (in Chanel!)



Sugar and spice, (naturally), and everything nice.  Add intelligence, generosity and refined beauty and… pouf! You have Kathy Griffin, my Fairy Godmother.

It is true all Fairy Godmother’s extract a price, a token of one’s commitment to their awe-inspiring power to show the way (in this case, an appearance fee). For this, Kathy sprinkled her magic over me and mine in celebration of my half century of life.

Kathy was a gift to myself for 50, yes 50, years well done.  Though at the time I had no idea the magic she could and would cast and the quest she would help prepare me for. She is all one would imagine and oh so much more…

A sly smile, Kathy has the voice and cadence of your best friend from high school.  She is whip smart, slightly dangerous and oh so funny, I lost track of my snort-laughs (I can be so elegant). She has no need to go XXX when G is more true.  She is a story teller with a Midwestern,  midlife, been there, going there point of view. Perfect for me…

After a delicious birthday lunch, Kathy pointed her magic wand in my direction and proceeded to feed me morsel after truffled morsel from a list of “tidbits” on Suzy.  This engaging storyteller played STRAIGHT  Godmother to my voice, coaxing stories I had yet to publish but had sworn to before midnight belled.

Empowered, enlivened and transformed in this moment, I was ready to stride forward in my Dior, Paris Salon, gifted (thank you), jewel-encrusted slippers into my future… A future as a storyteller, publisher, internet entrepreneur, and angel to my own start-up (!). My future is limited only by my very fertile imagination.

A Fairy Godmother is a magical being who spirits you toward those first uncertain steps of a quest. Inspiration and advice sparkling forth from her wand. Clad in the armor of other-worldly Thea Porter,  I set forth to slay the fire-breathing dragon of fear, the dwarfs (seven in every story), small-minded and nay-saying,  and to scale the  dramatic, oft-time dangerous terrain one travels in search of a voice.

I don’t know where my quest will lead, though it has brought me to you. (Kathy’s talk show?)  I do know it is I who will own  my adventure, and I who will set the tone and direction my voice will travel.

And, as with all quests, I will return from whence I came, myself, yet utterly transformed.

Thank you Kathy, my very own Fairy Godmother.


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