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Diary Dearest

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Never Say Never To Chanel


You’ve heard the expression, “Never say never.” There’s a reason it exists. I should know better than to say “never.”  Especially when the complete sentence is ”I will NEVER wear Chanel.”

But that was before my Of Wit & Will adventure to India. There, as you can see, I am pictured in Chanel’s Resort and Spring 2013 collections.

I have proven myself a hypocrite, and, if that is not bad enough, have done so on camera.  There is no hiding the truth!

I can’t explain it!  I am a fashion girl who had some how resisted the urge to Chanel. My undoing? Magical, in my dreams, chic photos – like Jackie Kennedy visiting India – or perhaps it was simple respect for Coco and Karl. Or maybe a little of both. But more likely it was the flagrant oh-so-street-casual aesthetic, a la Marie Antoinette playing shepherdess, that caught my attention. Why bother resisting?

Let that be a lesson to us all, my bold, audacious, unafraid cohorts. Never say never.


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