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Diary Dearest

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We love a second act, a third and, yes, even a fourth! Take the Duchess of Alba, a truly stunning Hail Mary, at the two-minute warning of life (excuse the football references, but they are perfectly descriptive), made a spectacular leap of faith into life and all its promise. To marry at 85 is a bold, never-too-late move.

To craft her future, the duchess found a man, fell in love, went in for the ask and gave away her fortune. Removing family driven obstructions was an imperative for our inspirational heroine in her quest to marry her love. We all know her family’s main concern was the money, not the matriarch’s happiness, but who can blame them? This was a rare and unusual move for one not born a man.

To digress, a man would never have had to do such a thing as give away his fortune to marry, say, a 20-year-old. Be that as it may, the Duchess had her day, her apricot wedding under the sun-drenched Spanish sky. In truth, what happened the day after the wedding, contentment or disaster, is beside the point.

The Duchess of Alba took the life she wanted for herself. Continued best wishes to an icon.

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Diary Dearest

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