Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

Leap of Time

Of Wit & Will Team Arrives
in Shanghai


Hello Shanghai, we are here!  Six trunks, a Chinese visa and the wit and will to explore the electrified and fashion forward, Middle Kingdom City!

A glorious “dim sum welcome” and quick meeting with our Elite Model International hosts, Of Wit & Will advance team and we have our credentials!  Can you believe this is happening, FANTASTIC!


Will report more tomorrow after first vintage couture fitting on the  models for a “Course in Fashion,” my workshop on couture & culture.

Diary, I really must go! We are sitting in the dark… Hanna, our San Francisco-based hair & make up maven has just blown the fuse in our suite with the blow dryer.  At least we hope it is just the suite!  It would take more than a little grooming tool the dull the bright lights of this big city.


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Diary Dearest


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