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Diary Dearest

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Oxford | Arrival


Diary Dearest,

I have arrived at Christ Church College at Oxford University. Christ Church is, my home-society-educator for a summer of indulged  intellectual curiosity.

christchurchofwitandwill_DD_Oxford (12)Photo by Suzy Kellems Dominik

My second year again, I am billeted in a dorm room with a view of the Cathedral and the walled Master’s Garden.

photo 1 (2)Photo by Suzy Kellems Dominik


My room, is as you would expect, though not for long… I have a plan!

ofwitandwill_DD_Oxford (1)  ornate-jewls


A trip to the covered market:  flowers, salted potato chips (crisps if you are from the east of New York) and Single malt scotch (teeny, tiny little bottle)

ofwitandwill_DD_Oxford (3)

Welcome dinner in the Great Hall. Yes, of Harry Potter fame, though I prefer to imagine Lira’s Oxford of The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.

ofwitandwill_DD_Oxford (15)   HarryPotter


Greetings to those known from the  previous summer/term. An introduction to my tutor and mates, class begins in the morning.

photo 4

And stepping up to the table to dine-accepted or shunned.  The comfortable welcome or the sadly insecure mix of school life past.


More soon…

God Save the Queen!
Elizabeth II - The Queen of England


Xx to myself and my adventure

Harry Potter credit : here


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