Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

Of Wit & Will Team Arrives
in Shanghai



Dear Diary,

I am vibrating with excitement and anticipation! A Shanghai Dream for 70 or so aspiring young models, of Wit & Will and myself at The
Elite Model Look. Finally!

We have just completed the first video/photo shoot in our new studio in San Francisco. What can I say? The models look AMAZING in the vintage couture selected from my personal collection to be photographed by Bonjana Tatarska during the competition.

Yippee and a sigh of relief! Our Wardrobe Master has just finished packing the collection into trunks with the assistance of copious amounts of Saran Wrap. I will hold my breath and cross EVERYTHING until the to-die-for pieces are unpacked safely!

Please be kind Adiona, Roman Goddess of Travel, I entreat you.


Diary, people are always hoping for opportunity. I think it all comes down to recognizing it, big and small, when it presents itself. And then taking a deep breath and jumping in!

Wish the girls and me luck and beautiful dreams come true in Shanghai!

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