Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

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Runway: Slick as Ice. Models: Tough as Ice


Photo by Suzy Kellems Dominik

Dearest Diary,

The run through for the final show is tomorrow. We, along with the Elite worldwide network of agents, press and special friends are in the Shanghai Cultural Center to preview the show. The gist: a professional sports draft.

The girls are assessed for height, look, attitude and viability within the distinct fashion markets around the world. This is the antithesis of a beauty contest. The girls are selected for the viability to work as models for designers, ad campaigns and to fill or extend current societal aesthetics.

OMG! The first model appears, they are in alphabetical order of country, the runway is as slick as ice! Somehow the aspiring model manages to stay up as do the 20 to follow. It is only through true grit and determination that one goes down before they call it.

As it turns, the runway was waxed! A team with buckets and mops converge on the catwalk.

What did I learn today Diary Dearest? These young ladies are tough. They want “it” with a fierce determination and a little unstable terra firma is not going to keep them from strutting into their future.


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Diary Dearest

Moments Before the Elite Model Look World Final 2012

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