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Diary Dearest

My Debut: A Course in Fashion

Suzy’s Couture Workshop at Elite Model Look


I designed the program to expose the girls to haute couture, while providing them with context for the dresses: how the pieces related to the times in which they were conceived, what may have inspired the designer, and how to wear items most people will only see in museums.

After congratulating the girls on having made it this far in the competition, I got down to business. The first piece was a truly spectacular dress by Alexander McQueen. It combines a beautiful jewel-encrusted turtleneck with the wispiest tuille. Amazing.

And the model who wore it was equally spectacular. I was actually jealous because I still haven’t had the right opportunity to wear it!

Fortunately, I wasn’t alone in this endeavor. Samantha Storto, Ralph Rucci’s long time right hand, Elite agent Michael Angelo and supermodel mentors Ming Xi, Michaela Kocianova and Noemie Lenoir also provided the girls with insights and advice to guide them on their way.

I have always loved fashion. I bought my first piece – ‘70’s maxi dress – with the money I’d saved mowing the lawn for a week. To now own museum quality clothes… well, this has really been a dream ride for me.

As I told the girls, it doesn’t matter what you spend on fashion. As long as you love it and it’s unique, you’ll wear it.

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Diary Dearest

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