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Diary Dearest

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Tips For Being Out




OK, married girl … Tips for being out on your own. Above reproach! Let me say it again, above reproach!

Dignity once lost… We have all heard the whispers. A smile is your best calling card, grandmother advises, all the more truth for it. While you’re at it, stand up straight, a reflection of your internal fortitude.

Always, arrive no more than 20 minutes before dinner. Thirty minutes and you will have to explain where your husband is; not allowed out in polite society, dead under a bus or was that your stiletto, heel not knife, will not fly with your hostess. Always breeze into the room, never skulk.

Be confident! You are out experiencing the world, not sitting home in a ratty robe watching Dancing With the Stars, thinking “Fabulous make up, how can I get that look?” or eating your weight in “feelings,” a quote from my daughter. Which of us has not heard the “call of the wild,” otherwise known as the ice cream calling to you from the freezer?

Learn to deflect “The Husbands”; you are oh-so-appealing to them. You are confident, vibrant, having a good time on your own and are all the sexier for it. Too tempting a prey for the hunter, you must be bagged or brought down, not you. Be aware you will be the topic of conversation on their ride home… Wear the “ICE” the next day as a diamond brooch, with a knowing smile on your lovely face.

Keep doing what you are doing! Life is long and short, please don’t miss out!

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