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Diary Dearest

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Tom Ford and I



Urban legend has it: They, the evil-doers of a luxury retail mega-conglomerate, planned to take away the design reins at YSL from Tom Ford, the “rat pack”-cool, oh-so-stylized fashion designer who gave voice to our inner fabulous, fierce female. They attempted to reduce his influence, power and voice, and limit our panther to a single venue from which to explore female sexuality within the context of retail fashion.

Not our Tom. Rather than accept this fate, Tom boldly, brazenly did that “thing” we all say we will do if pushed. He drew a line in the sand and refused to budge. He would have it all or none of it.

The result, Tom is designer of his eponymous brand, an award-winning director, hotter, more mysterious and alive than ever. It could, though, have gone another way…

I, myself, recently became the Tom Ford of wives. The details are unimportant; it is the application of the “Tom Ford” concept that is. I chose not to accept my life as it was and drew a line in the sand. Despite the great risks of loss, abandonment, alienation – not to be confused with annihilation – loss of familiarity and my marriage, I looked deep into my soul and decided this one short life was worth the risk. I was worth the risk!

Those words alone transformed my life. Say it with me, “I am worth this risk,” and feel the subversive thrill!  With those words I engaged in a not so quiet revolution. I upset the status quo and took for myself the life I wanted and deserved.

Our stories, Tom’s and mine, diverge at the point of liberty and loss… I did not end up losing it all in gaining myself. My husband stepped into a new role, one of support, cheerleader and business mentor. Though I have lost one important to me, I will admit the sacrifice was worth it. I now surround myself with those like myself who are unafraid, living their lives and supportive of my adventure.

Will I end up like Tom, a runaway success?  The outcome is unknown. I do know that I am on my way. I am alive, engaged and downright giddy with joy!  For you see, I started by defining my voice and searching for a way to reach out to others, and  by doing so, have morphed into an Internet entrepreneur, imagine that!  And that is only just the beginning for me!


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Diary Dearest

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