Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

Interview with Elite Model Look Finalist from the USA

Up Close and Personal with Supermodels at Elite Model Look


Dearest Diary,

It’s all about MOMENTS in Shanghai! A moment spent in conversation with: supermodel mentors, a “baby model,” a model-turned-photographer, the chaperons,  Elite Models Organizers, the parents, the city of Shanghai and its people. Most of all it’s the emotions that hit the MOMENT when your secret favorite few either ascend to or descend from world wide stardom.

Nick Tacchi of Elite had warned me in advance of that moment; the moment when I would have a personal stake in the outcome of the competition. While many of the top contestants will go on to work the international modeling circuit, only one will be selected for the title of Elite Model Look 2012.

The moment came for me while at the photo shoot of my personal collection at the South River Gallery.  It had been a heady day of collaboration with photographer, Bojana Tatarska, a final assessment that I had matched the model to the perfect look, creative conversations about hair and make up with Colin Yeo and finally, a conversation with each model on what she was wearing, why she was wearing it and supermodel mentoring. Lights, camera, magic!

And in that moment, while hitting her first pose, Manuela – one of my favorites – realized she had her black hair elastic around her wrist. “Suzy, can you keep this for me?”  That was all it took, a truly personal moment of connection.  Proof that sharing my time, passion, and insights had meant something to this bright, curious young woman.

I have since had many of these moments and can’t wait for the day when I open the pages of Vogue, Elle and Bazaar, and attend Fashion Weeks to see MY GIRLS, rocking the looks with a fierce  confidence.

So dearest diary, yes I was fore-warned but as with many things in life the truly important connections happen between the MOMENTS.


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Diary Dearest

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