Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

Winners of Elite Model Look World Final Announced!

When An Opportunity Comes Knocking


The setting: my Bootcamp presentation, Couture & Culture, at the Elite Model Look finale in Shanghai. Suddenly there was a loud knocking on the roof. I steadied my model, hit a pose and proceeded to speak the lead-in to Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door. While camera crews and others scrambled to halt the offending ruckus, I had a moment. A realization. An epiphany.

It was OPPORTUNITY, and it was knocking for me, the Elite Shanghai models and the 60 finalists who broke away from a pack of 440,000 applicants to make it there that day.

The quest for opportunity is practically a worldwide obsession. What few talk about is seizing the opportunity when it presents itself. Seizing it through, preparation, gumption and tenacity. Throwing caution – and sometimes good sense – to the wind and just going for it!

You may find yourself knee-deep in opportunity and acting on it (I hope!) when even just a few of the following words, definitions and synonyms are present.

Opportunity: lucky chance, favorable circumstance, a break, fighting chance, fortuitous, good luck, iron in the fire, opening, shot.

Preparation: readiness, alertness, dry run, education, foresight, groundwork, homework, lead time, expectation, plan, rehearsal.

Gumption: nerve, initiative, enterprise, get-up-and-go, industry, resourcefulness, chutzpah, spunk, spirit, wit.

Tenacity: diligence, doggedness, grit, guts, perseverance, persistence, resoluteness, resolve, staunchness, steadfastness, stick-to-itiveness.

As for me, I spend every day purposely acting on opportunity. Not all come to fruition, yet I commit to the exploration. My personal favorite words from the above are: lucky chance because I endeavor to make my own luck. Expectation – I expect that something will happen, not sure what but that is the adventure. Wit – well, that should be obvious. And perseverance, because you just have to keep at it!

Good luck!

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