Diary Dearest

Diary Dearest

My Fairy Godmother, Kathy Griffin (in Chanel!)

Who I Am


It must be said, I am on my way to becoming Lucille Ball. Think: grape stomping, candy making, mischievously, zanily, sincerely, making my way through the game of life. I wasn’t always ironic or goofy. I am those now – and more. Life has taught me humility, perseverance and the importance of humor.

I am a descendent of the American Revolution, of covered wagon pioneer stock. A California native, public school educated, graduate from The University of Southern California. An NCAA All American and member of the United States National Gymnastics Team. In a word: Jock.

First born, daughter, sister, MOTHER, friend and wife. I am the foundation, the shoulders my family stands on. The cheerleader and yes, somehow, still the star of my own life.

Welcome to my inner world. Take what you need, share what you will, judge if you like. All are welcome. Practice radical hospitality, please.

Picture on issue page by Michelle Pattee

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Diary Dearest


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