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Do It Right: Holiday Sweater Parties


Picture this: You just got an invite to a holiday sweater party. All your friends (and perhaps some frenemies) will be there. You, as one of our witty readers, of course know how to rock a party dress. The problem is that you have NO IDEA what sweater to wear!

In this quandary, I hope you love themed parties as much as I. It will help you find (or make) something fabulous. Depending on your theme; you have several options of how to go about dressing…

Tack on the Tacky

If the party calls for an ugly or tacky sweater, make a smash by going all out. When I say “go all out,” I mean Christmas bell earrings and/or a tinsel scarf… all the embellishments. Just to remind you, this type of party is a self-made satire of a Christmas party. Chances are the person who “went all out” will be the belle of the ball.

There are several options when looking for a sweater. knows exactly what you need if it’s tacky. They probably have your size, too! If you’re looking for a higher-end sweater this year, did an article on designer Christmas sweaters. Try all your major department stores, thrift stores or vintage shops.

Rep your Religion

If it’s Christmas, find a Christmas sweater at your store of choice. If you’re Jewish, and Hanukkah is your holiday, not to worry; appropriate Hanukkah attire is out there. Just because they say “Christmas sweater party” doesn’t mean you can’t show up. Be resilient, and look like a mensch!

If you celebrate neither Christmas nor Hanukkah, wear whatever would make you feel comfortable at a holiday sweater party, and look good while doing it.

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