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Easy Beauty Regimen for Traveling


Our Of Wit & Will team recently had the chance to work, laugh and bond with more than 60 models at the Elite Model Look World Final 2012. After this life-altering competition, many of these young aspiring models are going to begin modeling professionally and jet setting all over the world – New York today, Milan tomorrow. It’s very important for them to balance this new lifestyle and take care of themselves. Their business is all about appearance.

We ordinary travelers also like to look good when traveling. Here’s a guide everyone, model or otherwise, can greatly benefit from.

Pack travel-size beauty products:

That way you can bring them with you in your carry-on or leave space for other necessary items in your luggage. Remember the TSA regulation: each liquid container has to be 3.4 oz (100 ml) or less, and the total mustn’t exceed 1 quart (approx. 9-10 containers).

Moisturize beforehand:

As cabin pressure and air conditioning often result in skin dehydration, WebMD advises you to moisturize generously the night before flying. It’s also healthier for your skin if you skip the foundation and use tinted moisturizer instead. Try Laura Mercier travel-size illumination moisturizer with SPF 20.

Bring makeup remover:

In the form of oil blotting paper, pre-moistened makeup towelettes (Neutrogena) and Q-tips to fix smudges.

Tame your tresses:

Travel Channel reminds you to carry a mini hairbrush to retain frizz-free hair after transport naps, preferably one with boar bristle to avoid static. You can also carry hair powder to fight scalp oil or add volume to limp hair. The best tip of all? Tie your hair in a scarf to keep it in place, and make it Hermés for extra glamour.

Add some natural colors

For your complexion, grab either cream or loose powder bronzer. Dab or brush on high areas of your face such as the forehead, nose bridge, cheekbones, temples and chin. Tinted lip balm can add a rosy pop to both your lips and cheeks, like The Balm Stainiac or Benefit Posietint.

Take your on-the-go scent

Wearing simple clothing and makeup for traveling doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and smell seductive. Travel-size or rollerball fragrances let you have your cake and eat it, too. So many great scents to choose from! Will you go with Marc Jacobs Lola’s flirty peppercorn and grapefruit, Very Wang Princess’ feminine water lily, apple and apricot or Tom Ford Black Orchid’s bold black gardenia, jasmine and patchouli?

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