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Fashionism: Rita Watnick’s Fashion Ideology



Perfect dress, perfect shoes, perfect bag, great hair, great makeup, can all be ruined by a disastrous stance. You can be dressed great and not look nice…it is all in the details.

I do not want your arms across your chest or squished flat against your side, do not put your hand(s) in your pockets and NEVER on your hips or waist. When you put your hand on your hips, your hands become the forefront of the camera lens, making your hands look unusually big. Who wants claws on their hips? It is a fallacy that hands or a hand on your hip makes your arm look thin, the truth is it makes your hips look big!! And, you look tacky.

Do not be too tensed or too relaxed.

Relax your shoulders.

Practice your stance in a mirror – it is an art. And practice makes perfect.

What models do on the runway has nothing to do with what you should do on the red carpet or in real life.


Take lessons from:Mary-Kate Olsen, Penelope Cruz, Michelle Monaghan, Renee Zellweger, Kate Moss… all wearing LILY et Cie of course!

And Naomi Campbell is PERFECT all of the time.

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